VeEX Notification – Introducing the RXT-6000e 100G Module

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VeEX Notification – Introducing the RXT-6000e 100G Module

Fremont, Calif., Sept 16, 2017 – VeEX Inc., a global leader in Telecom, CATV, Fiber and Broadband Access, today announced the enhanced version of the RXT-6000 module

For the past few months, VeEX has been working hard on an enhanced version of the RXT-6000 100G module, the RXT-6000e. The new RXT-6000e “Universal 100G Test Module” incorporates lots of positive feedback VeEX received from customers, newer requirements from the marketplace and should allow the VeEX product to be in a better and more competitive position.

The RTX-6000e forms part of the RXT-1200 Modular test Platform.

The powerful RXT-6000e started its limited production phase back in July 2017, serving a select number of key customers at first. Although the initial feature set was limited, the test set has quickly evolved into a suitable replacement for the RXT-6000/6000+, with potential to grow.

Some of the features and functions in the upcoming RXT-6000e 02.00.0007 release are:
> 1x CFP2 and 1x QSFP28 native (second QSFP28 or CFP4 using adapters).
– Dual 100GE testing capabilities
– Support for 100G Ethernet with RS-FEC
– LR4, SR4 and SR10 support
– OTU4 Multi-step with Bulk and Ethernet Payloads
– QSFP+ for 40GE testing
– OTU3 with Bulk, Ethernet and concatenated VC/STS SDH/SONET payloads
– STL256.4 with concatenated VC/STS SDH/SONET bulk payloads

> 2x SFP28/SFP+/SFP
– New 32G Fibre Channel with RS-FEC
– New 25GE with RS-FEC
– 16/10/8/4/2/1G Fibre Channel
– 10GE, 1GE, 100Base-FX
– OTU2/1, STM-64/16/4/1/0, OC192/48/13/3/1
– OTU2e and OTU1e with Bulk and 10GE Payloads

> 2x RJ45 ports
– 10/100/1000Base-T
> Improved AC/DC adapter, battery-pack and cooling; capable of handling demanding dual 100GE test scenarios.

Features Not Available Yet (compared to RXT-6000/6000+)
– 100G Optical Module Heath Check
– 100G V-Route/V-PAG
– OTU4/3 with SONET/SDH/PDH/DSn Map/Mux (demand has been for Bulk and Ethernet payloads)
– OTU2 with ODU0/ODUflex and Ethernet Payload
– 10GE and 1GE Layer 4+ testing features
– X-Loop Compatibility mode (Ethernet)

Features Being Considered (not fully committed yet for the RXT-6000e)
– Support for 50GE testing
– Factory-installed HW option for Legacy Electrical test ports, including STM1e, STS3, STM0, STS1, T3, E3, E1 and T1

For further details, please refer to to the new RXT-6000e product page ( and download the complete datasheet. We have integrated the software search page into it, so customers have easy access to all relevant software and release notes with one click.

Internal Positioning:
– The old RXT-6000 is still available for  customers who are perfectly happy with the existing RXT-6000 feature set may continue to order them in the short term, until its official retirement is announced.

For more information contact us here at TelecomTest Solutions.