New RXT-4100+ OTDR with 500,000 Data Sampling Resolution

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Fremont, Calif., December 18, 2017

VeEX Inc., a global leader in Telecom, CATV, Fiber, Transport and Broadband Access, today announced the release of the RXT-4100+ OTDR module for the RXT platform, the world’s first field portable OTDR supporting up to 500,000 data sampling points with 3 cm resolution. VeEX OTDRs FX150, OPX-BOXe already provide best-in-class event and attenuation dead zone performance, however the new RXT-4100+ almost doubles the resolution currently available in the market.

The increased sampling resolution is available for all wavelength and dynamic range configurations, so technicians can perform out of service and in-service testing with improved accuracy on all types of fiber infrastructures.

“The RXT-4100+ is now the most accurate field portable OTDR using traditional Rayleigh scattering technology,” commented Nancy Lee, Senior Product Manager at VeEX. “The newly redesigned RXT-4100+ module offers improved characterization of emerging PON/FTTx networks, including fault location detection with greater event resolution,” she continued.

The new RXT-4100+ OTDR module for the RXT platform is available for general shipment. Contact your local VeEX sales office for a demo. For more information,  clic below and contact TelecomTest Solutions and let us configure a solution for you meeting your unique requirements.