Telecommunications Test & Measurement


802.3at LLDP

With the 802.3at standard, PoE has moved in the direction of bypassing layer 1 PD classification in favour of a MAC (or Link) Layer PD classification that offers very high power distribution granularity and enables dynamic negotiation of power levels between PSE and PD.


Aggregating Backplane TAPs

The Smart Network Access (SmartNA™) System from Network Critical is the most flexible and customizable TAP solution available on the market today. It is designed to work as a portable solution as well as an enterprise solution custom fit for any datacenter, no matter the size.

VeEX AT1700m_01


The AT1700M/AT1600E series multiplexer is a high performance cost-effective broadband RF switching solution. Combined with the AT2500 series spectrum analyzers, the AT1700M/AT1600E multiplexer is the ideal solution for headend testing and return path monitoring.

VeEX AT2500_01

AT2500-3G CaTV/Satellite/Over the Air HDTV Test Solution

Designed for digital cable TV, DOCSIS 3.1, OFDM, Satellite and over-the-air digital TV signal analysis and measurements, VeEX’s new AT2500-3G is the industry’s most complete 3 GHz advanced spectrum analyzer and multi-standards test solution.

VeEX at2500rqv+_01


The AT2500RQvPlus is the industry’s most complete spectrum analyzer, combining superior QAM analysis and best-in-class analog measurement capability. The enhanced AT-Web automates both the analog and digital proof-of-performance tests, saving time, making tests consistent, and providing excellent documentation.


Aukua MGA2510 Analyzer


Aukua MGA2510 Ethernet Test and Monitoring Platform


Aukua MGA2510 Network Impairment Emulator


Aukua MGA2510 Traffic Generator



The BGP WAN Delay Emulator with integrated Quagga Router. The Border Gateway Protocol or BGP is at the core of the modern Internet. Large corporate and government enterprise networks are increasing their use of BGP to interconnect different administrative and country specific regions. This geographic span adds further to the complexity of a BGP network when calculating and planning for network latency. Network design engineers need a reliable and cost effective means to test the routers’ ability to handle BGP transactions accurately while simulating network latency with their applications.


Booster Profitap for Data Centres

The Booster is our signature solution for improving your monitoring system’s density at a significantly lower cost than ever before possible. Network Packet Brokers can be extremely expensive appliances, making each and every available input port an invaluable asset.


Breakout, Aggregation & Regeneration TAPs

The Smart Network Access (SmartNA™) System is the most flexible and customizable TAP solution available on the market today. It is designed to work as a portable solution as well as an enterprise solution custom fit for any datacenter, no matter the size.


Buried Cable Path Locator

Take advantage of the sophisticated and compact design of the buried cable path locator. Designed for use in the field, the handy device meets your highest demands. The special filter technology allows the trouble-free use in the area of high-voltage lines or lines. Different search frequencies allows to work in all application areas with highest accuracy.

VeEX BX100a+_01


Comprehensive ADSL2+, ADSL2, ADSL link turn-up capabilities including ATM and IP test features all supported in a single compact handheld unit. Triple Play service verification of VoIP, IPTV, and high speed Internet is made possible using powerful IP and Web test features including Web Browser. Service testing can be performed on either the DSL line using Modem Emulation mode or on the Ethernet port while connecting and emulating a PC. WiFi and CAT-5e cable testing are powerful features for in-home installations.


CaLan 3010H+

The CaLan 3010H+ Sweep System is designed for prequalification, installation, and maintenance of DOCSIS 3.1 networks. The unit consists of a high performance, 1.8 GHz Transmitter and a low noise, 204 MHz Receiver, capable of sweeping the entire Forward and Return path respectively.


CHROMOS11 – Chromatic Dispersion Measurement System

The PEfiberoptics CHROMOS11 chromatic dispersion measurement test set has been designed specifically for use with installed high capacity DWDM transmission systems, including networks with integral EDFAs. Optionally, a PMD measurement function can be added allowing full network PMD to be characterised.