At TelecomTest Solutions, we deliver Telecommunications, Synchronisation and Test & Measurement solutions meeting your unique requirements with unmatched customer service and support.

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At TelecomTest Solutions, we partner up with our customers, fusing together experience with expertise to deliver unparalleled service, from end to end.

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Our Solutions

TelecomTest Solutions is an Australian owned dynamic, versatile organisation with diverse capabilities in the Telecommunications Industry. We offer carrier grade products and solutions to carriers, utilities, government and SME's. We are an experienced provider of Telecommunication and Test & Measurement along with Timing and Synchronisation Solutions.

We have the capability to provide a broad range of professional services which include Consultancy, Documentation, Design, Installation, On site test and commissioning and Customised Training.

Telco / ICT Test and Measurement Solutions

TTS is proud to be partnered with internationally renown manufacturers of test and measurement equipment and solutions across all elements of Voice and Data networks. From legacy to next generation.

Network Synchronisation and Assurance

TTS is proud to be partnered with an organisation that is solely focused on Timing and Synchronisation Solutions, from Generation to Distribution, meeting today's NG requirements.

Professional Engineering Products and Services

TTS has the right people with the right skill set that allows us to work with you from concept to fruition of your project. Our capabilities span across many disciplines and technologies.

The best quality telecom service

At TelecomTest Solutions, our specialist Test & Measurement products ensure your network's performance beats the benchmark