TTS Service Suite

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TelecomTest Solutions Engineers, led by a Chartered Professional Engineer have the full capability to work with our clients through the project life cycle, i.e Consult, Engineer, Design and propose a unique solution meeting your  requirements. TTS provide a full suite of Installation and Test & Commissioning services including Documentation, Factory Acceptance (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) along with Training on the technology and products that we supply.

With experience in all facets of Fixed and Wireless telecommunications networks, TTS specialises in assisting corporate and government organisations with product and solutions addressing their immediate requirements and providing solutions incorporating state of the art products that will future proof their network as they move from legacy to next generations networks over any medium, be it copper, fibre, microwave.

TelecomTest Solutions offer a one stop shop, to fully support and maintain the installed network, we can offer and recommend a Test and Measurement Solution that will provide our client the ability to monitor, trouble shoot the network as well as giving full visibility into the network operations, performance and reporting.

Having strong partnerships with internationally renowned manufacturers and highly skilled and experienced technicians and constructors TelecomTest Solutions can deliver technically innovative solutions for;

  • Broadband Access
  • Cellular and DSLAM Backhauling
  • Ethernet Access Solutions
  • Fibre Access Solutions – CWDM/DWDM
  • Unlicensed Wireless Access Solutions
  • Industrial Grade Telecommunications Equipment
  • Multiservice Access over PDH, SDH and IP/MPLS
  • Ethernet, PDH and SDH Digital Microwave from 1.5 GHz to 38GHz
  • Pseudowire Access Solutions – TDMoIP, Multiservice over IP
  • VoIP Solutions – Unified Communications
  • Network Management Systems

Product Selection is an area of increasing focus for clients, TelecomTest Solution, as a small dynamic organisation has the flexibility and ability to harness the power of our global technology partnerships to deliver world class solutions and technical support.

TelecomTest Solutions stands behind every product that we integrate into our solutions, Our Engineers are vendor trained and offer support second to none in ensuring that our client’s networks maintain maximum uptime.

Having well documented repair and maintenance procedures provides our clients the confidence, re-assurance that any issues will be addressed and resolved in the shortest time.